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These are small houses built on registerable trailers (Tiny Houses on Wheels). They fall under the caravan regulations and must be no wider than 2.5m, no higher than 4.3m and no longer than 12.5m although typically they are 7.2m or less to keep within the weight limits. Bigger is possible however these can not be registered which is fine if you don't plan on moving it much.

Granny flats, also known as ancillary accommodation, are a great solution, not just for the grandparents but extended family. If you have the space a GranPOD can be a great solution. What's more our PODS are designed that they can be easily removed and relocated should you move, or even used in combination with other PODS on your own piece of land at a later date.

Looking for a life on the water then our waterPODS are for you. Why be limited by the regulations of the land when the waterways enable you to change your scenery at a whim. WIth so many possible locations around our great country suitable for houseboats more and more people are taking the plunge and making the water their home. 

The ultimate man caves - the other great Australian dream! The possibilities are endless and can include sports bars, games rooms, work zones, saunas and the ultimate BBQ space - your imagination is the only limitation. Have a look at some of our manPODS but don't stop there, check out our custom design service so you can create your own exclusive space. 

There is nothing better than creating memories on holidays with family and friends. Why not invest in a holidayPOD? With many of us escaping the big cities for weekends by the sea or in the beautiful Australian countryside, our PODS are the perfect solution and can be combined to create the ultimate luxury holiday or weekend retreat. 

Fed up of going to the gym or working out in your garage, shed or in the house. Our gymPODS and fitPODS are the answer. Dedicated spaces to get your sweat on fully fitted out with all the gear you could ever need. Bigger models are great for personal trainers or other fitness professionals such as yoga instructors that want to work from home

Differing slightly from our granPODS, these PODS are geared towards teens who need their own space (or their parents want their space back!) There is no kitchen, just sleeping, work and play zones with their own bathroom. Far enough away to feel free, close enough to home to feel loved (and fed)! Even better our TeenPODS can be converted for other uses once they flee the nest.

With more and more people working from home why not have your own dedicated office space away from the distractions of the main house. With lots of options available we can cater for 1 to 10 people in our officePODS. Ideal for home based or run businesses. If these don't fit the bill perhaps our studioPODS, gardenPODS, workPODS or playPODS will meet your needs. The possibilities are endless.

We can design and build a POD for any use. Need a soundproof music studio, a mobile hair salon, a pool house, art studio, play room for the kids, mobile coffee shop or even a dogPOD. If you can dream it we can build it. Contact us today to discuss your ideas and see our passion for all things small first hand.

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Here @ TechnoPODS our core passions are sustainable architecture, advanced building technology & materials and combining these into state of the art luxury modular buildings.


Utilising smart design principles and building in efficiency at every stage allows us to produce small spaces that feel anything but. Contact us today to see why small is the new big.