Our full height, two-storey tiny home is now installed for its gorgeous owners in the Byron Bay shire and the setting is delightful!!
Check out the video below 👇

Our clients went for a raw and natural look on the interior of this 9.6m long, 3m wide, 5.2m high POD, creating even more space and seamless flow into the natural surrounds.

As you can see in the above video, once the POD was delivered to site, we lifted the roof, folded up the walls, placing the roof back on top to create full height (2m) in the upstairs bedrooms.

We then folded out the 2.5m x 2.5m sunroom, which will provide a view to the sun rising over the valley and hills beyond.

The bathroom features a Clivus Multrum low profile composting toilet setup complete with porcelain pedestal and frosted glass (bottom half) louvred windows.

A 'his and hers' study is filled with light from an additional sliding door entry, reinforcing the inside/outside integration.

Powered by a Victron solar setup and fed by a fresh water tank, the TinyPOD is completely off-grid. 

The centre of this tiny home provides a wonderful sense of how spacious it truly is; looking beyond the stairwell right up to the clouds through skylights and out the front through the fold-out sunroom to the macadamia trees, the feeling is of being a part of the surrounds, rather than imposing on them.

This project has been a labour of love and we are truly grateful to our clients for trusting us with their vision to create this unique, spacious home for themselves and two young children.
At TechnoPODS, our specialty is in custom design.
So many of our clients are creative and leading-edge in their ideas for design and functionality, and we love making that happen.

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